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Things to know if having sex with a Scorpio

Things to know if having sex with a Scorpio

The sexy stingers of the zodiac signs are known to be one of the most attractive zodiacs. Rulers of the 8 th house of transformations, they dictate Cycles of deaths, rebirth, sexual relationships and karmic debt. The passionate, fiery and mysterious nature of the Scorpio has a lot to do with the house they dictate.

The eighth house in astrology rules over the spiritual aspects of sex. It sees sex as an instrument for entering the higher planes and transcending one’s individual existence. The climax is a recreation of death. Astrologers always remain puzzled and fascinated by the eighth house due to its associations with rebirth, spiritual sex, mystery and magic. The sexual nature of Scorpio reflects that effectively. They are one of the most sexually aware signs, who view intercourse very intensely. Here are some things know about sex with a Scorpio.

Who are sexually compatible with Scorpio?

One of the foremost things to know about sex with a Scorpio is who they are compatible with. Not everyone has the capability or the willingness to match the intensity they bring to the bedroom. A lot of signs are unable to match up the intense needs of a Scorpio and their fiery desires. They have a Nashville TN hookup sites strong desire to experiment and everyone is simply not that open minded.

A fellow Scorpio will bring out the best in the bedroom. They both will perfectly match each other’s intensity and really make it an ecstatic experience for both. Pisces are just as spiritually stimulated as Scorpios, they both understand and love the spiritual aspect of sex and are hence perfectly compatible sexually. On the other hand, Capricorn or Sagittarius might disappoint them due to how physically concerned they are and not spiritually.

They do not kiss and tell

Scorpio is an incredibly private sign. Continue reading