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And I would love to know, where does that confidence come from?

And I would love to know, where does that confidence come from?

Which is one of the reasons why I love speaking

And then I went into university level debating as well, which was great. But I mean, from a family background, I grew up in quite a strong Christian home, and my mother was a lecturer on the Bible best gay hookup apps. And I know that you’ve got a background as well in theology and things like that. So from as young as I can remember, she was a lecturer, and she used to lecturer in front of like 100, 200 women every single week. So I watched her do that. And so she was a great role model for me as well.

So, for me, I feel like speaking and really standing up and saying what you believe is something that I grew up with, because my parents were quite strong Christians. They were always very much like, we want to share what we believe, this is how we talk about it. They were leaders in the church. So, yeah, it just felt very normal to me, is probably what I’d say.

Tara McMullin: Yeah, I love that. I also love that you shared some of the role models, your parents, your debate teacher that influenced you, because I think often speaking up, showing up is a product of having those role models that we can emulate that we can kind of try out those personalities or try out that way of being. I think if you don’t have those kind of role models, that gets a little harder. We’ll get into I think a little bit more about that in just a minute.

Even after 10 years in branding, I still read branding books, I still do branding courses, because I love to understand other people’s perspectives

But I want to ask you first about confidence, because I think there are some people who show up with a big message, who show up with a bold brand or bold presence. And it’s almost a front for not having the confidence. And so I’m curious, I mean, I know you are a confident person. Does that confidence ever falter? What’s your relationship with confidence and your ability to speak up and show up in the way that you do? Continue reading