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It was a great meal, despite my maybe not experience as well great

It was a great meal, despite my maybe not experience as well great

To Date, So Good

We visited meal last night with my Mom, Sean, my Aunt, my cousin as well as 2 company to celebrate dad’s birthday. We decided to go to Harpos. I had the onion soups, fish fillet and cherry cheesecake.

The side effects within this medication are starting to kick in. I woke at 2 hour intervals all-night yesterday evening. My personal face and throat are very yellow. My mouth area try tingling, though i am being most religious about brushing and rinsing making use of the approved power mouthwash after every dinner. My personal mouth area feels much like the way it feels after you’ve used up the mouth area on java of hot soups. If I will keep the mouth sores away I’ll be a happy rv.

My legs and straight back tend to be sore as well. I’ve had gotten my percocets but i am rationing, my oncologist believes Tylenol 3’s must do the trick. I don’t know though. We grabbed one before lunch last night plus it did not would squat. The thing is the percs making myself loopy. Cannot winnings for attempting.

But once again, so far, the negative side effects with this are a hell of much better than the negative side effects for the reddish devil therefore I’ll go. I am a bit edgy.

Inside my efforts to purge my house of most that is clutter we had to handle the matter of Mary’s filled creatures. Continue reading