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Professor and pilot John Lumkes loves the view from 1,000 foot

Professor and pilot John Lumkes loves the view from 1,000 foot

ike most young kids, Lumkes , Purdue teacher of Ag. and Biological technology and associate dean from the workplace of academic applications, wished for flying.

As an eight-year-old, Lumkes would gaze at the air, viewing planes leave and land during the pond Lawn Airport, simply two miles through the parents farm near Delavan, Wis.

“We got a vintage scanner out from the scrap and set they so we could listen to the pilots,” said Lumkes.

His first aviation activities had been restricted to a sequence of basic routes considering as birthday gifts. Lumkes could not hold off getting their practical the controls.

After school, Lumkes made a decision to get in on the Air power to be a pilot.

At the time he was to meet up with recruiters, the lanky Lumkes determined half-an-inch across the optimum appropriate pilot peak of 6-ft, four inches. An enthusiastic athlete just who as soon as tried out for U.S. Olympic staff from inside the steeplechase, Lumkes continued a 10-mile run, hoping the constant pounding on his bones would get your within the level constraint. Continue reading