Astrological Compatibility 101: What the stars say about your love life

Astrological Compatibility 101: What the stars say about your love life

A quiet side effect of the current state of affairs is that most of us are spending a lot more time with our significant other. In a period when the majority of the population is working from home and not socializing with others, our partner has become our lifeline and as a result, we’ve gotten to know them that much better. Taken with a positive approach, this time together can enhance a relationship. It can also illuminate holes in the fabric of the partnership that is now ripped open by simply too much time together. In every situation, no matter how daunting, there are always opportunities for lessons and growth. As you spend countless hours with your loved one, why not work on the foundation of your relationship and see how you can enhance it rather than have it deteriorate under the stress of the world.

Relationships are complex energies, especially when it comes to looking at astrological signs. There are many factors which comprise our astrological makeup, known as our natal chart. When we put two already complex things together, well things get complicated. There are no definitive answers to what works best in a relationship. However, there are some general rules that can be applied. These rules provide guidance to where challenges may occur and where your two energies will harmonize.

If we look at the zodiac wheel, signs which are 60� apart, called a sextile, provide us with a growth edge

In looking at astrological relationships, you first want to pull both parties natal charts. You can do that here. Next identify both people’s Moon, Sun and Venus signs. These signs are the most important when it comes to relationships. Your Sun sign defines what will keep you sane in a relationship. The Sun is the center of our chart, so to speak, just like the solar system. It holds us together in every area of our life, including our love life. Your Sun Sign compatibility will show you what brings you back to center when life gets rocky. We want these things to be synergistic in partners. A brief explanation of Sun signs in these terms are as follows:

Just looking this over you can start to see why some signs are more capable than others. As a rule of thumb, signs of the same elements harmonize, or at least can understand each other. These signs trine each other or sit 120� away from each on the zodiac wheel. FYI each sign is comprised of 30�. Signs that trine each othe are as follows:

These signs differ vastly in their center, but can actually help one another grow to their potential. For example, Virgo, sextiles with Scorpio, Scorpio sextiles with Capricorn, Capricorn sextiles with Pisces, Aries sextiles Gemini, Gemini with Leo and Leo with Libra.

While there are many ways to work on your relationship, astrology offers some helpful guidance on what issues may arise between two people and how to handle them when they do become your reality

Confused yet? It gets more complicated…. Signs that oppose each other on the zodiac wheel can be some of our greatest attractions, but our greatest challenges. Opposing signs are similar in their core, but their execution of the energies is different. They can understand each other on a fundamental level, and can even agree on many things, but they will go about living their lives differently. Gemini and Sagittarius are a perfect example. Both are curious and in search of knowledge, both communicate to obtain information. Gemini, however, focuses on the pieces, while Sagittarius focuses on the bigger picture. Burada web sitesi Therefore Gemini is more adept to remain in their local environment, while Sagittarius is more likely to hop on a plane and roam the world. You can see how this would play out in a relationship….