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The recruiter was a “Flora McCay” (a pseudonym, I’m sure). The twist on the scam was that they never actually sent me any packages. They just got me to fax them a signed “job contract” with my contact info. They didn’t ask for my SSN, so the red flags didn’t go up until after I faxed them the info and signature and then never heard from them again. Looking up the physical address they gave, there is a genuine business there, but its line of commerce appears to be unrelated to the phony job offer. I have an above-average I.Q., and I fell for this.

Faststream is currently recruiting for a dynamic opportunity in the Dry Bulk Broking sector. The ideal candidate will have an in depth understanding of the Greek market and owners. 3-5 years of industry experience is desirable as well a strong and consistent fixture history. Now signed up to receive the Breaking News Newsletter. The pay was good, so she agreed to take the position.

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Track, document, and recommend solutions to address systemic causes of any delays, exceptions, damages and losses. Monitors progress, identifies barriers and delays, and ensures that orders move quickly through the scheduling, pickup, transit, and delivery processes. Should you have any questions or wish have your information removed from our service, please contact us here. Here are some other Customer Service – Shipping Agent – Fully Remote jobs in the Saint Paul, MN area that may be a better fit. Must have a flexible schedule and be open to working on weekends as well as occasional overtime.

  • Being a Package Handler at OnTrac is all about keeping the process running smoothly and on schedule.
  • They even told me they would send payments directly to my PayPal account and they would pay my taxes.
  • Join our team and you’ll enjoy a truly adventurous career with excellent incentives, unlimited growth, and ports of call that will leave you breathless.
  • Only the best shipping companies can thrive on Shiply.
  • Here’s what you need to know about work-from-home packing jobs, how they could be a scam, and what to do instead.
  • Opportunity for a Senior Engineer, with sailing experience on Cruise vessels to join an international award-winning training centre.

While work-from-home scams are common, they are not impossible to spot. In fact, there are several clues or red flags that can alert you to an illegitimate work-from-home job. Keep these things in mind as you consider remote work opportunities so you can avoid wasting unnecessary time and money upfront. According to theUnited States Postal Inspection Service, these types of scams are common and tricky. The stolen packages often get traced back to the person who thought they had a legitimate work-from-home job.

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United by a "can-do" attitude, teams from all over the Western U.S. work together to connect the world of e-commerce and shape the future of the logistics industry. With arise you dont have spend a lot of money up front unless you actually start your own business through them but its your business so you need start up cost. But some jobs do require uss express reviews you to pay for training or a background check or something of that sort. I would avoid anything that sounds to good to be true or sounds senseless. The most important question I ask myself when I see nonsense work-from-home jobs is “how is the company generating income”. If the job does not make financial sense, it is probably a scam.

shipping jobs from home

New envelope stuffing companies pop up every year, but there still haven’t been any positive reports from people who’ve signed up. When you think about it, stuffing envelopes for extra cash really doesn’t make much sense. A lot of companies handle packaging internally and try to keep their customer and prospect mailing information protected. uss express reviews The odds of a company outsourcing this simple task are slim to none. Also, definitely don’t cash any checks you’ve been sent as payment for shipping packages because you could get into legal trouble again for cashing fraudulent checks. If you’ve already been shipping packages, don’t ship any more and again, contact the police.

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Luckily, the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau both have alerts on websites about this illegitimate work opportunity. Work-from-home packing jobs are generally marketed as positions that will pay you to stuff envelopes or work with a kit to assemble a product. If this sounds too good to be true, it’s because it often is. Optimal US Logistics, LLC is also a scam I received several cell phones that where uss express employer review actually in my name with the service provider. The people “hiring” you to do this don’t want anything traced back to them, so instead they mislead innocent people who just want home-based jobs. All you’re expected to do is receive packages at your home (which might be anything … electronics, DVDs, who knows) and then reship those packages to someplace else . You’re told that you’ll be paid a flat rate per package sent.

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If someone asks you to pay a fee or buy a startup kit, this could be a red flag. Some legit companies do have fees for things like criminal background checks. To learn more about fees and what’s legit and what’s not, read this article.